Economic Alchemy LLC is a financial technology innovation company.   We are dedicated to creating innovative solutions to the most vexing problems facing the economy and financial markets today.

Problem #1: The “Rear-view Mirror” problem.

Government economic data are published with a significant lag of weeks or even months.  The government can only tell you what is happening in the economy now at a much later point in time.  Investors, business leaders, and policy makers need to know what is happening now, NOW.  Real-time decision-making needs real-time information.

Solution #1:  Now-Cast Corp.

Now-Cast® Corp. is a Big Data analytics company.   The Now-Cast® system combines Big Data, machine learning, and sophisticated econometrics to solve what is known as the “rear-view mirror” problem, whereby the current condition of the economy is unknown due to long data reporting lags in government economic data.

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